Jakarta Aquarium


Actually I went to Jakarta Aquarium on March 28th, 2017, but I had no time to write my experience till today.

Rumor has it that the place is pretty awesome, for an aquarium inside a mall. Yes, Jakarta Aquarium is located inside Neo Soho Mall. I decided that I need to go there, even if no one willing to accompany me (I’m kinda loner, so that won’t make any problem). And…I stood in awe when I saw what’s inside. I’m kinda fond of animals, so when I get into a place loads with animal, I felt ultra happy, yeah.. happy AF.

At Jakarta Aquarium you may not only find fish and other oceanic/aquatic creatures, but also land creatures (I don’t know whether the term I use here is right or wrong. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say), such as hedgehogs, lemurs, snakes, turtles, iguanas. Too bad the komodo dragon hasn’t arrived yet. *sob*

JA management provide every tank with an IPad in front of it for directory, so you don’t have to browse on your smartphone every time you feel clueless about what’s inside the tank. Love it. This place is pretty edutaining (?!) for me.

Here are some pictures I took, will upload more pics on Thursday. Just be patient. Haha.. as if..

When you reach fishery area (after the hedgehog), you really need to take a look at the tank of stingray. The first tank is filled with silly stingray. When people come near to the tank, they will swim alongside the glass and move as if they’re dancing. Oh, and take a closer look at their faces. Super funny. Truckload of love for them.

Stingray alias ikan pari
Silly, right, right, right?!

Along the way, you will find many kind of fishes, including clown fish or more popular as Nemo fish, jellyfish, lion fish, even shark. Tee-hee.. I can’t stop grinning.

Oh, there is also otters. Uber cute… There you go.

Mister Otter!

They also have penguins, sub-tropical, they can survive in temperature of 18-22 degree Celsius. If you wanna try to feed the penguins, you have to dine at their restaurant, Pingoo Resto. But the waiting list just like hell, so I skip it, since I got another appointment with a friend. Hey, don’t be so surprised, I do have friends. Hahaha…

Subtropical Penguin

I took my leave at noon since the crowd got real. Too bad I haven’t took mandatory photo at cylindrical tank, because I don’t want anyone tripping over my tripod and camera (of course). I think I will pay a visit one more time, on weekdays, so I could take pictures as much as I like.

Ticket price on weekdays is IDR 195,000 and weekend/public holiday is IDR 250,000. Yes, it’s a little bit pricey, but worth every penny (IMO). I hope the pricey ticket could take care all the animals there. Don’t forget to bring your drinking bottles to keep you well hydrated during your aquwalk :D.

For further information about Jakarta Aquarium, click here.

And…here extra picture of CPNS Bridge (I made up that name. CPNS stands for Central Park – Neo Soho). I took it from beneath because the bridge was too crowded at the time. It’s really instagrammable.




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